Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Luke

Little Luke sat in the corner
thinking about what he had done...
Fed Emma all of his oatmeal
and breakfast he had none...

Emma was his best friend
A special dog was she...
Emma had only 3 legs
and that you can plainly see...
Little Luke thought Emma
needed oatmeal more than he...

Little Luke told his mommy
I am sorry for what I,ve done...
I fed Emma my oatmeal
because breakfast she had none...

Little Luke's mommy
says Honey I know what we can do...
I will cook oatmeal everyday
for Emma and you too...
Because I love Emma,
and most of all I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Oh this is so very nice, Cindy :)
    its so much fun to recite poems with children....they so take the complete spirit of it,

    And this poem will for sure will develop love for animals in them :)


  2. Oh Mrs. Brown how lovely ...magic for children :)